Rockett St George capsule interiors store in Liberty of London

I am in awe and wonder of the amazing offerings at Rockett St George capsule store in Liberty of London, just off Regent Street.
rock n roll sofa rockett st george wonder london life

They sell unique, quirky home accessories, lighting and furniture with a rock and roll vibe!
They will be in Liberty of London until January 2019 so take a look at the video below to have a sneak peek of their gorgeous items!

Here are some photos of my favourite items

3 wise monkeys ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ these bronze coloured rein ornaments really speak for themselves, both playful and meditative they would look great on a display shelf or above a fireplace.

3 monkeys hear no evil see no evil speak no evil wonder london life rockett st george

Metal angel wings, I think these would look wonderful hung above a bed or even in the entry hall to an apartment.

metal angel wings wonder london life rockett st george

Metal decorative bulls head, I cant wait to get this amazing ornamental bull’s skull, I’m going to place it over my fireplace.

meyal bulls skull wonder london life rockett st george

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